Izrailevich Arkadz

Alternative spelling 
Izrailevich Arkadiy Lvovich
Arkadz Izrailevich is a co-owner of the group of companies IV, which built a number of business centers and residential buildings in Minsk. The businessman was also previously engaged in the sale of petroleum products. Moreover, Izrailevich owns a stake in the asphalt-concrete plant in Minsk. Izrailevich lists among the hundred of the most Belarus's influential businessmen according to the "Ezhednevnik" newspaper. He has a reputation of one of the most scandalous businessmen of Belarus. In 2013, Izrailevich for the first time received the national media attention due to harsh remarks against the officials of the Minsk City Executive Committee. In 2017, the businessman again came to the attention of the media in connection with problems with the return of money for fuel oil. In 2018, Izrailevich defended the scandalous restaurant "Let's go eat", which was built with legislative violations near the mass graves of victims of Stalinist repression in the Kurapaty tract near Minsk. The businessman sued the newspaper "Novy Chas", which proposed that he was allegedly the ultimate beneficiary of "Let's go eat", yet lost the process. On 31 October 2018, Izrailevich was detained for bribery. On 9 November 2018, Izrailevich was released from the KGB's jail.
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Belarusian Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture, specialty - electrical engineer
Last updated 19.12.2018
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